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Welcome to our new website! If there are any issues, Please let us know

Killalure 2deadly 80

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$12.50 - $13.95
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The innovative 2Deadly is one of Lance Butlers most successful designs, and certainly one of his all-time favourites when chasing big Barra and other large predators. Thanks to it’s unique design and profile, this creative lure can be fished as both a surface popper AND a shallow diver in the same retrieve. Lance has taken a traditional baitfish profile and included a flat-cut face which allows the lure to ‘pop’ and push water when fished on the surface. The addition of a small rounded bib also means the lure will dive and swim with a rolling, wiggle action when retrieved. Ideal for fishing around heavy bankside structure, the angler can fire a cast right into cover, allow the lure to rest and then jerk the rod tip with a sharp flick of the wrist to make it ‘pop’ loudly. This draws the attention of any nearby predators with a sound that is very much like a feeding Barra’s ‘boof’. After giving the lure a couple of sharp ‘pops’, the angler can then crank the lure below the surface and twitch it back to the boat. The 2Deadly gives anglers the best of both worlds; with the splash and sound of a popper, and the flash and vibration of a diver.


Action: Popping & Diving

Style: Minnow hard-body lure

Size: 80mm

Weight: 14gms