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Daiwa 23 Wilderness X

SKU 043178185063
by Daiwa
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Venture into the Wilderness, with Daiwa’s latest addition to their travel rod line-up the all-new WILDERNESS X. A child of two of the brands most popular light-tackle rod series, WILDERNESS X takes the popular 3pc models from TD HYPER and TD BLACK and upgrades them, into a single dedicated travel series with more models & more joints than ever before.

Now truly dedicated pack rods, WILDERNESS X models feature 4 or 5pc join constructions to reduce packed length, making them easily fit into backpacks and small suitcases for local or international travel. Daiwa’s V-Joint technology eliminates the old-school flat spots and weak areas associated with multi-piece rods, producing actions akin to those of single piece rods.

A range of purpose built spin and baitcast rods mean no matter where your trip takes you, there’s a Daiwa WILDERNESS to catch the fish that live there!
23 WILDERNESS X 604HFS BULLDOG Heavy Spin 6'0"/183cm Fast 10-30g 6-10kg 4(Butt+3) 50.5cm 14040 $189.99
23 WILDERNESS X 664ULFS STREAM SNIPER Ultra-Light Spin 6'6"/198cm Fast 1-5g 1-2kg 4(Butt+3) 55cm 14041 $189.99
23 WILDERNESS X 705LFS BACKSEATER Light Spin 7'0"/213cm Fast 1-8g 1.5-4kg 5(Butt+4) 48cm 14042 $189.99
23 WILDERNESS X 705MLFS DEEPSTRIKER Med-Light Spin 7'0"/213cm Fast 4-14g 3-6kg 5(Butt+4) 48cm 14043 $189.99
23 WILDERNESS X 705MHFS BLACK SNIPER Med-Heavy Spin 7'0"/213cm Fast 7-21g 5-8kg 5(Butt+4) 48cm 14044 $189.99
23 WILDERNESS X 705HFS INLANDER Heavy Spin 7'0"/213cm Fast 15-70g 8-15kg 5(Butt+4) 48cm 14045 $189.90
23 WILDERNESS X 604MHFB BULLUP Med-Heavy Baitcast 6'0"/183cm Fast 7-30g 5-8kg 4(Butt+3) 50.5cm 14046 $189.99
23 WILDERNESS X 644HFB TOP ENDER Heavy Baitcast 6'4"/193cm Fast 10-50g 6-12kg 4(Butt+3) 54cm 14047 $189.99
23 WILDERNESS X 664MLFB BASTRAX Med-Light Baitcast 6'6"/198cm Fast 4-16g 3-7kg 4(Butt+3) 54cm 14049 $189.90
23 WILDERNESS X 644XHFB-SB BACKTRACKER X-Heavy Swimbait 6'4"/193cm Fast 15-150g 15-24kg 4(Butt+3) 54cm 14048 $189.90